Music On Demand

Below you will find a list of the questions most often asked by new artists and labels. If you don't see an answer to your question, try searching our site. If you still can't find an answer, feel free to contact us. Send your questions to

1. How much does it cost for your service?
We charge a one time setup fee of $25 for each album submitted for digital distribution ($9 for singles). After that, we pay you 91% of the royalties received from the respective music store. There are no hidden fees. For example: If iTunes sells one of your songs for .99 cents. They would pay us .70 cents, and we would then pay you 91% of the .70 cents.

2. What Music Stores can you get my music into?
While iTunes continues to have the predominate share of the music download market, is always in negotiations to provide even more distribution to other major online music stores and resources to maximize our artist and label's sales. The following link will display the current online resources that your album will automatically be delivered to:

3. What if my album contains cover songs? Can I still use your digital distribution service?
According to CSI: CMRRA-SODRAC Inc.: Canadian Digital Licensing If you are planning a digital release through an already-established Online store (such as iTunes), you do not need to obtain Online licenses in Canada. In Canada, it is the Online store's responsibility to obtain Online licenses for all tracks downloaded to Canadian residents. The online music service will obtain licenses from CSI and report sales activity for the tracks you have put on. Please ensure that you relay all the proper song writing information to the online music service when registering your musical works.

If the downloads/streams are occurring in other territories, you must contact those societies as international copyright laws may differ from country to country. CSI governs digital activity in Canada only. For musical works downloaded in the US, please contact The Harry Fox Agency.

Currently will only assist Canadian artists release cover songs on iTunes Canada. We are working on securing proper licensing agreements for other territories.

4. How long does it take for my album to be made available online?
Once you have uploaded or shipped us your album(s), it normally takes 1-4 business days for us to encode the audio, process the cover art, and digitally distribute all of the album's metadata to iTunes and the other music sources. From there, each music store's time frame is different.

Currently, we are seeing albums appear in the iTunes music store within only 24-48 hours of delivery. The other music stores can take up to around 3-6 weeks. This delay is due to each music store's own unique ingestion queues and processes.

5. Do I lose ownership of my music?
No Way! By utilizing our distribution service, you allow us to digitally distribute your music until you terminate the agreement. We do not take ownership of the music, but only help facilitate the process of spreading your music digitally.

6. I don't have a CD of my music, can I still have my songs digitally distributed?
Yes. You may digitally distribute any of your music even if you have never had a CD printed. CLICK HEREto see what options are available to you.

7. Do I have to have a UPC or Barcode to have my album digitally distributed?
Yes. UPCs (or Barcode numbers) are required by every major music store. It is the universal method by which various companies and organizations are able to uniquely identify a product. If you do not currently have a UPC for your album, we can provide you with one for only $10 during the album submission process. You will also need an ISRC code for each individual track. If you have not already assigned ISRC codes to each individual track, we can do so for no additional charge.

8. Do you offer any additional services?
CLICK HERE to see the other services we offer.

9. Can I still sell my songs on my own website(s)?

10. Can I sign up for online distribution through if I'm already using another service like CDBaby or TuneCore?
If you are already being distributed online via another distributor, like CDBaby or TuneCore, unfortunately we can't 're-distribute' your music to some of our online partners, like iTunes who have a 1 listing policy. If we have an online partner that your current online distributor does not have a working relationship with, we are more than willing to help you with that specific partner. If you are considering switching to our service from another online distributor, we STRONGLY recommend discontinuing your agreement with the other distributor before signing up with

1. How often will I be paid?

If you have accrued a minimum of $25 in sales we will issue a cheque for the total amount owed. We disperse payments to our Artists and Labels, that have met or exceeded the minimum sales requirement, once a month.

Artists & Labels also have the option of 'banking' their sales or using the proceeds from their digital sales to pay for some of the other services we provide. CLICK HERE to see the Other Services we provide.

Please keep in mind that each music store is different and they all have their own payment intervals (monthly, quarterly, etc), however, once we have received payment from a music store, we will then pay you at the end of the next month for the previous month's sales.

2. Will I be able to see how many songs have been downloaded?
Yes. As we get reports back from the various outlets, they will be compiled and posted online in your report section. Can't remember how to access your report section? E-mail

1. What types of audio files can I upload for my album?

You can upload .wav or .mp3 files (.wav files are recommended for posterity since they are not compressed and offer the highest quality possible to encode into the various formats for each music store). Audio files must conform to the following industry standards: 2 Channel Stereo - 16 bit - 44.1 kHz sample rate

2. What are the Cover Art requirements for an Album?
Cover Art Requirements: Dimensions should be at least 600 x 600 pixels at 72 dpi (1500 x 1500 pixels recommended). Image must be square (i.e. 600x600 not 672x600)

Cover Art should not be pixelated when viewed at its normal resolution or it will be rejected. Do not convert from a lower resolution file to meet the requirements or it will be rejected by the music stores. File format must be .jpg (JPEG) Cover Art CANNOT contain information normally found in the liner notes such as:
-track listing
-biographical information
-contact information
-Website links
-Production notes/credits
Cover Art CANNOT contain any time or date related information (ie: Release Dates, etc)

3. Can I ship you my album for encoding instead of uploading my audio files and cover art?
Yes. Albums can be sent to:
11538 89 St NW
Edmonton, AB
T5B 3T9
Keep in mind, you are waiting for the mail to be delivered to us, so this method could take a lot longer than simply uploading your album digitally.

4. Can I submit a single?
Yes, you can submit a single (ie: An album containing only one track). Please note that since "singles" are still albums, they still require their own UPC (Which we can provide during the album submission process) as well as unique industry standard cover art.

5. Can I Submit A Ringtone?
Yes, you can submit a Ringtone. Please note that Ringtones also require their own UPC (Which we can provide during the ringtone submission process) as well as unique industry standard cover art. Only one ringtone can be submitted at a time. If you have multiple ringtones that you wish to have distributed, you must submit each one invidually and each requires its own UPC. Unlike Albums and Singles, Ringtones are only distributed into the iTunes Music Store (As most all other music stores do not offer Ringtones to their customers). The cost to submit a Ringtone is $9.

6. Can I Submit An Audio Book?
Unfortunately, no. If you wish to have an Audio Book distributed, you should contact as they are the sole distributor of Audio Books for iTunes and other music stores.

7. Can I provide my own ISRC codes for my album's tracks?
Yes. During the album submission process, you will have an opportunity to submit your ISRC codes for each of your album's tracks. If you do not have ISRC codes for your tracks, our system will automatically generate them for free during processing.

8. Can I set the street date / release date for an album or single?
Yes. As part of the album submission process, you will have an opportunity to set the street date for your album or single. Please note however, that while iTunes are very quick in ingesting albums (Normally only a few days), many of the other music stores can take several weeks, so even though you may choose a street date, it's entirely possible that the album will not appear in some of the stores until they complete their own processing and ingestion. If you are choosing a street date in the future (Rather than just having the album or single go live as soon as possible), we suggest setting the street date at least 7 days out to give time for iTunes to ingest the album.

9. Can I Submit An Album Under The "Classical" Genre?
The music stores have placed extreme restrictions on the Classical Genre (ie: Pre-20th Century Composer based music) and therefore we DO NOT support the distribution of this genre

1. What is iTunes Ping?

iTunes Ping is a social network for music. Similar to Twitter or other social networks, iTunes Ping allows you to follow your favorite artists and friends to discover the music they're talking about, listening to, and downloading. To learn more about iTunes Ping, you can visit Apple at the following link:

2. What is an iTunes Artist Ping Account?
Anybody that uses iTunes can have their own Ping accounts. However, only artists can have their specialized iTunes Artist Ping accounts. Once an artist has an iTunes Artist Ping account, they can create and maintain social pages. This allows artists to interact with customers by posting updates, photos, videos, and responding to customers' comments.

3. How do I get my own iTunes Artist Ping Account?
As part of the submission process, we will ask if you will require a Ping Account. If yes, we will set up the basic aspects of the account for you.